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Identified problem

European schools struggle with fast-changing socio-economical environment and challenges of the exponential improvement of digitalization and its impact of the pupils' life. Amongst these circumstances, those skills and competencies are highlighted what makes students able to adapt to the needs of society and the labour market. Young generation faces fast-changing environment and unpredictable challenges, but at the same time, well-known life crisis situations also appear during the teenage years. They need to make choices every day and make decisions what have sometimes a huge influence on their life. Choosing career path, future profession, or only a sport- or free time activity needs background knowledge and a kind of structured thinking what demands many skills what we define as life-management skills.


Our initiation aims to assist pupils through the support of schools, teachers and also parents to improve students' life management skills to achieve optimal results in their life. We find it essential to focus on career-choice as a critical factor and prepare students and parents for that difficult phase of life.

Added values reflecting on the actualized initiatives of ET2020: